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    It’s been decades since fashion designers and manufacturers have understood the high potential of teenager fashion. One of the most important interests of young women has always been fashion and this is more true nowadays than at any other time. A very decisive target of Miss Selfridge is represented by students, who occasionally benefit from a 20% off discount of their orders if they register and prove their students status. This is available for students from UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Denmark.

    The web site is structured in such a manner as to attract young customers. It is a more lively and colorful (also many dark tones) than your average shopping site and the models appearing in photos have an adolescent look, which reflects in their outfits, make up and attitude.
    The website is not as strictly structured as similar online shops; there is a section with new arrivals, and other including clothing, dresses, shoes and accessories. Two other categories specifically target teenagers or students, “inspired” and “going out”. In the clothing area, you can view products by trends – “vintage style”, “back to basics”, “metallics”, “winter pastels” etc., matching different tastes and styles. Miss Selfridge is aware of the fact that young consumers are very versatile and so they must provide these customers with all the rage different styles. For instance, if you cast an eye on the dresses section, you will see there are 10 different subcategories (going out dresses, day dresses, bodycon dresses, midi and maxi dresses, day to night dresses, petite dresses, prom dresses, skater, pinafore and little black dresses).

    This strategy reflects in the “inspired” section, where Miss Selfridge puts at the visitors’ disposal various illustrated articles about the main trends which underlie the 2014 season.  These articles are inspiring and helpful as they also offer advice about how to dress depending on trends, body shape, size and personality.
    For 2014, Miss Selfridge proposes trends such as “90’s child”, “the Jazz era”, “tea party” and “metallics”.

    Special offers

    Some prices are very affordable, while others target customers willing and having the possibility of spending more. If we consider the “going out” dresses section during the sales season, we will see that prices range from 8 to 190£. The most expensive dress is a flapper’s style item, included in the Jazz era trend.
    There is not a single page on this web site where you are not lured by special offers, such as 20% off for students, discounts up to 70%, 10% off for visitors subscribing to the newsletter, a whole diverse section of articles on sale, and free UK delivery.


    Miss Selfridge delivers its products to UK, of course, in less than 4 working days, for a fee of about 4£, but also to many countries around the world, at quite reasonable rates, in about 10 working days. Order tracking is available for UK orders with the help of information disclosed on email.

    Miss Selfridge younger target means they have to promote their image in media frequented by teenagers and students, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, iPhone applications.
    Diversity and adaptation to young audiences’ tastes is what defines Miss Selfridge as a successful brand.  Apart from being presents on various online media, they also are interested in obtaining feedback from their customers and visitors. It is harder to maintain younger customers than the mature ones, and Miss Selfridge seems to know how to do this.

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